Salt in a Lake

Everybody have their own ways to deal with dull mood. I used to write computer programs to come out of it when I was in college. That used to give me kick. In the last few years, I have gained interest in theatres and that has been my new kick-ass way to come out of it. Last Saturday, I had gone to Rangashakara, a nearby theatre, one of the best in the city. I had read about the scheduled play “Some Times” over the web and it looked good. Luck was it that I found a ticket even after arriving at only a little before show time.

The story revolved around Paramjit, a youth who is indifferent towards his father’s nagging advice on joining his family transport business because he is interested in creative work like advertisement, and has a untalented asshole boss in his job at an advertisement firm who wants way too much work and pays too little. Whilst his mother is upset with him about his lack of attention to her and the family, his girlfriend wants love a concept with which he is not too familiar with. But he has his friends. And top class weed and an affinity for whiskey. And a night life that would put batman to shame. And because of all this, he has very little time.

This nice little story in conjunction with brilliant direction, funny intelligent dialogues and extraordinary intense performances made this a spectacular show. The kind that would tickle various emotions. One of the best that I have watched. The finale brought the audience to its feet and the applause went on for minutes.

In the last piece of the play, after his death due to a fight, Parmeetay analyzes his life and realizes things that he could have done differently. Back to life of believing in oneself and impossibilities, fascinated by play, if nothing else, I left the theatre with this one dialog from his conversation with God.

“A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes it salty, but hardly makes any difference to the taste of water in a lake”. The pain will always be there, but it is upto us the container we choose to put that in.

“Death is life’s way of saying you’re fired ! ” – another funny one worth remembering !